Friday, February 23, 2007

I don't think much at all.

I've been reading blogs about the state of the animation industry. It's turning the gears in my head. Do I really want to work in an industry that seems to be full of upset people that say they're being abused? Well, yea I still do, or at least an equivalent; anywhere I get to draw and think up jokes and stories for a living is still a dream job to me.

It's also got me thinking that all I do in this blog is post some random sketches that my friends on the forum find funny and then wait for someone to notice my little ignorant self. It makes me look like an ignorant child who just wants to doodle and nothing more. This is partially true.

What is this Blog really for?

While working on my senior project at Winthrop University I used a blog for documenting the progress of a story I was putting together through creating characters and completing a storyboard. I'm gearing up to make a personal post graduation project. I'm weighing the benefits of doing little more than just showing glimpses of it rather than the way I ran my last blog, in which I presented everything.

It's time I made this blog a little more personal than it was before.

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